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TSN News

  • TSN to be reorganized into Humanity+

The World Transhumanist Association has voted to rename itself Humanity+, and we will be joining this rebranding and reorganization effort, now led by Richard Leis. His old group h+ Club will also be integrated into Humanity+. Have patience with us while we work to revamp our website to reflect these changes.

  • New H+ Documentary... Featuring You?

Filmmaker Ken Gumbs (Building Gods) is producing a documentary film about the H+ community. He is asking for TSN members to answer a few simple questions about their views on home video. He will include your videos into this documentary that will also include Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey, and many others. If interested, contact Ken here.

  • Dare to Become a BetterHumans Intern

Ready to make your mark on the future and create a name for yourself in the transhumanist community? Looking to branch out and network with key movers and shakers? Love to dive head-first into a little bit of controversy every now and then? Click here to learn more.

  • Undergraduate Internships in Bioethics

The University of Pennsylvania has put out a list of many available undergraduate internships relating to bioethics at universities around the world. Check it out.

  • TransVision 2007

TV07 will be held in Chicago next summer. The dates have been announced as July 26 to July 28. Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey will be the keynote speakers. The TSN is preparing to have a larger presence there this year. We encourage all members to attend if possible.

Submit a paper for the

JBS Haldane Award

...for the undergraduate paper that best advances transhumanist thought, analysis or applications.

  • Affiliation to IHEYO Approved

The International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation has accepted the TSN as a consultative member organization. Our name now appears in their member directory here.

  • TSN Speaker Database

Student clubs directly affiliated with the TSN now have access to contact information of the potential speakers we recommend who are located throughout the world.

For all general inquiries or to start a TSN chapter, please contact the TSN Transnational Organizer:

P.O. Box 128, Willington CT 06279 USA
TSNtransnational -at-


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