curator: Amy Hale

Imagination has allowed our species to use expression to go beyond our everyday, physical 'selves' for millenia. In this sense, all art is transhuman. However, this gallery is dedicated to those artists who identify themselves personally as transhumanists. Keeping in mind that what transhumanism means to an individual may or may not be what one normally considers 'futurist,' and that we will someday see that posthuman individuals will choose to evolve differently, please enter this art gallery ready to question your notions of what it means to be a transhuman.

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image > Jenny Tillotson

Jenny Tillotson is an artist and designer who invents clothes and jewellery with computerised scent-output systems for health and wellbeing.
image > Linda Wallace

Weaver. artist and feminist who focuses on bioethics, biotechnology and women's health.
image > Russell Higgs

London based Transhumanist artist and activist.
image > Sarawut Chutiwongpeti

Bangkok based installation and multi media artist concerned with the language and response to contemporary arts.
image > David Zaig

An experimental artist who works in many media, his current focus is the mind and brain and it's relationship to art.

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