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Attitudes towards the elderly and aging have rapidly improved in the last forty years. Today many understand that people can remain vigorous, engaged and healthy into their nineties. Unfortunately many people also still believe there is a natural time to get sick and die. As a consequence many policy makers reject the idea of therapies to slow aging and extend life as being “unnatural.” Instead of embracing the lengthening life expectancies seen worldwide in the last century, some policy makers fret that life extension should be opposed as ecologically unsustainable or stultifying.

Instead of consigning seniors to sickness, aging and death we believe governments should make reducing the mortality rate for all their citizens a goal, not just for those under 75, and that greater support for anti-aging therapies is one of the key ways to improve the public health and extend life.  Transhumanists believe that twenty extra years of healthy life are just as valuable in someone’s second century as in their first.

Through our Longer, Better Lives Program we seek to make the case for longer healthier lives, addressing objections to life extension, from the alleged problem of overpopulation to the threat of ennui. We will be coordinating and seeking consultation with senior citizens groups and organizations of the disabled to help them challenge ageist and ableist attitudes that discourage the full utilization of health technology.


The Case for Healthy Longer Life

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  • The Case Against Longer, Healthy Life

  • Age-Retardation (Life Extension) President’s Council on Bioethics, especially Chapter 4 of the PCB’s Beyond Therapy report, “Ageless Bodies”
  • “L’Chaim and Its Limits: Why Not Immortality?” Leon Kass, First Things, May 2001
  • “Killing Immortality: Bush bioethicist Leon Kass wants an end to life extension efforts. But he has yet to offer a good reason,” by Simon Smith, Betterhumans, 12/3/2002
  • Organizations Working for Healthy Longer Life

  • Alliance for Health and the Future A “think-and-do tank” established to identify, inform and raise awareness of behaviours and systems that can lead to greater well-being and productivity throughout life.
  • Alliance for Aging Research A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and accelerating the pace of medical discoveries to vastly improve the universal experience of aging and health. They offer a wide range of useful resources and links on their web site.
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is a not-for-profit medical society dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging-related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the
    human aging process. A4M is also dedicated to educating physicians,
    scientists, and members of the public on anti-aging issues.
  • American Aging Association (AGE) AGE is a non-profit
    group advocating biomedical studies to slow the aging process, public
    education about aging and healthy life extension research, and better
    knowledge of gerontology among physicians.

  • American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR)

    helps scientists begin and further careers in aging research and geriatric medicine.
  • Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Medical breakthroughs
    don’t come cheap. Scientific achievement begins with individual brilliance,
    but cannot be completed without the financial means to put ideas into action
    and translate theories into treatments. The CRPF strongly advocates research
    into stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

  • Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) The Coalition for the
    Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) is comprised of nationally-recognized
    patient organizations, universities, scientific societies, foundations, and
    individuals with life-threatening illnesses and disorders, advocating for
    the advancement of breakthrough research and technologies in regenerative
    medicine - including stem cell research and somatic cell nuclear transfer -
    in order to cure disease and alleviate suffering.
  • International Longevity Center A non-profit, nonpartisan research, policy and education organization whose mission is to help societies address the issues of population aging and longevity in positive and constructive ways and to highlight older people’s productivity and contributions to their families and to society as a whole. The ILC-USA is an independent affiliate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
  • Maximum Life Foundation The mission of the Maximum Life Foundation is to accelerate the pace of research on the human aging process. Senescence, the destructive process that is responsible for human aging, is a primary cause behind heart disease, cancer, stroke, type II diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. The Foundation has created a network of scientists, physicians, and biotechnology industry professionals to use
    their talents and resources to develop a strategic plan to understand and
    treat the underlying causes of these disease processes.
  • Longevity Meme The Longevity Meme is a California-based non-profit organisation, founded in mid-2001. Our goal is to encourage achievable technologies, lifestyles and other means that will help people live comfortably, healthily and capably for as long as they desire, well beyond the current limits of mortality. We aim to ensure that the means and potentials of healthy life extension become commonly accepted throughout the world.
  • Let’s put a human face
    on the need for stem cell research. We are a grassroots, volunteer group of
    patients and their families and friends who believe that stem cell research
    has the potential to save the lives of those afflicted by many so-called
    "hopeless" medical conditions, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, juvenile
    diabetes, M.S., A.L.S. and spinal cord injury.
  • StemCellHelp StemCellHelp is committed to working with individuals and institutions so that Congress may eventually approve stem cell research and funding.
  • The Immortality Institute The Immortality Institute is a grassroots organization founded to help humanity conquer the blight of involuntary death. We depend on the generous help of members and volunteers to gather information, fund projects, promote scientific research and discuss questions concerning the possibility of human physical immortality.
  • The Methuselah Foundation The Methuselah Foundation is a group of dedicated volunteers from the science and business community who work towards promoting and encouraging effective scientific research towards healthy life extension. The Methuselah Foundation runs the well regarded Methuselah Mouse Prize for anti-aging research.
  • SAGE Crossroads A stunningly educative forum and resource on anti-aging research and policy.
  • Nanoaging Institute A website devoted to chronicling emerging technologies and their application to anti-aging.
  • American Federation for Aging Research A organization promoting gerontology and geriatrics, and sponsor of the website devoted to educating seniors about healthy aging,
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