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Join the Fight Against Death!

have died since 
this page loaded, 
many painfully, 
all without having experienced posthumanity

You have been here for:
Planetary Death Rate
(courtesy of the US Census Bureau)
1.8 humans per second
106 humans per minute
6,360 humans per hour
152,640 humans per day
55,713,600 humans per year

It's time we started fighting back.

If the Singularity occurs in , there are:

left until the Singularity.

We want nothing less than the right to determine our own evolution. We want the right to live forever - to succeed with our revolution against death itself. So long as we have not overthrown the tyranny of death, all mankind belongs to the Third World, all mankind is proletarian.
              - FM-2030,
Optimism One

"Man has Nature whacked," said someone to a friend of mine not long ago. In their context the words had a certain tragic beauty, for the speaker was dying of tuberculosis. "No matter," he said, "I know I'm one of the casualties. Of course there are casualties on the winning as well as on the losing side. But that doesn't alter the fact that it is winning."
              -- C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man