Audio of Some of the Talks at Transvision 2003


"The Adaptable Human Body:
Transhumanism and Bioethics
in the 21st Century"


 June 27-29, 2003  

  Yale University, New Haven, CT USA



Due to a variety of technical problems
not all talks were able to be recorded. We apologize to the speakers whose talks were not captured.


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FRIDAY   June 27, 2003


Debate: "Should Humans Welcome or Resist Becoming Post-Human?"
Part 1 (MP3  1:11)
Part2 (MP3 :43)

Welcome:  Greg Stock Ph.D.
Resist:  George Annas J.D.


SATURDAY   June 28, 2003

Opening Keynote:
"Why Not Re-Invent Humans?
Is This The Best We Can Do?"

Greg Pence Ph.D.


AI Ethics 

Stuart Hameroff M.D. "Artificial quantum consciousness: Is it possible, what would it look like?" 

David Calverley J.D.  "Artificial Intelligence as a Legal Entity"

Wendell Wallach "Robot Morals: Creating an Artificial Moral Agent (AMA)"

Human Variation and Fairness in Sports and Games

David Wasserman Ph.D.

Anita Silvers Ph.D.

Miller Brown Ph.D.

Leslie Francis Ph.D., J.D.

1:30 - 3:00 p.m. 

Transhumanist Bioethics

Nick Bostrom Ph.D. "Our Human and Posthuman Dignity"

J. Hughes Ph.D. "Transhumanism: A New Bioethics Paradigm"

Twyla Gibson Ph.D. "Philosophical Foundations and Methodological Framework for a Transhumanist Bioethics"

The Future of Sex and Gender

Alice Dreger Ph.D. "The Once and Future Freak: What the History of the Medical and Social Treatment of People with Unusual Anatomies Might Tell Us about the Future of Transhumanism"

J. Hughes Ph.D. "The Future of Sex"

Vanessa Edwards Foster  "Trans-enstein vs. Preacher Bob and the Village Mob": Progress and Pain on the Road to Equality and How Society Confronts Changing Realities"

Life Extension: The Technologies

Rafal Smigrodski M.D., Ph.D. "Emerging Life Extension Therapies"

Aubrey de Grey Ph.D. "Foreseeable, radical life extension: the biology to inform the philosophy" 

Transhumanist Strategies

Simon Smith "Mainstreaming Transhumanism"

The Future of the Brain

Ramez Naan "The Wired Brain"

Wrye Sententia "Neurocops: Policing the Borders of Human Cognition" 

Jane Holt Video (2:53, 50mb)


SUNDAY  June 29, 2003 

Reproductive Technology and Rights of Future Generations

William Grey Ph.D. "Design constraints for the Posthuman Future"

George Dvorsky "Reproductive Rights, Designer Babies, and the Consent of the Unborn"

Visions of the Singularity

Michael Anissimov "Accelerating Progress and the Potential Consequences of Smarter than Human Intelligence"

Hatuna Pokrovskaia "Ecce Trans-Homo: The Progression of Ethics in the Technological Revolution" 

Visions of the Future

David Donnelly Ph.D. "Ethics of Forecasting: Visions of the Future Human Race"

Eli Yudkowsky "Posthumanity: A Nice Place To Live?"

The Ethics of Life Extension   COMING SOON

Kenneth Sills "Why Immortality?"

Evelyn Shuster Ph.D. "To Live Forever: A Blessing or a Curse?"

John Davis Ph.D. "Methuselah's Children: Life-Extension and Fears of Collective Harm" 

Governing Transhuman Technologies  COMING SOON

Mike Treder "Meeting the Challenge: Safe Utilization of Advanced Nanotechnology" 

William Edmundson Ph.D. "Posterity and Embodiment"

Closing Keynote: "Who's Afraid of PostHumanity?: The Politics and Ethics of Genetically Engineering People"
Ron Bailey 




TV2003USA was co-sponsored by the World Transhumanist Association and the 
Yale Interdisciplinary Bioethics Program Working Research Group on Technology and Ethics